Stockfiller is the purchasing platform
that saves time and increases profitability
for buyers and suppliers in the
food industry

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Digitizes thousands of stores, restaurants and suppliers in the food industry

Using Stockfiller

and thousands of more

Stockfiller for buyers

Forget the mess with supplier binders, time-consuming phone calls and lost delivery notes. Now you can place all orders from external suppliers gathered in a flexible platform that keeps order and keeps track of the entire process. Stockfiller can be used in telephone, tablet and computer with connected suppliers throughout Sweden.

How it works

Stockfiller for suppliers

Get access to thousands of customers while freeing up more time for sales, customer relationships and business development by using an order management system that does not waste your time unnecessarily. With all orders in one system and smart integrations to your entire business, the risk of errors decreases and the administrative work is simplified. Stock filler also facilitates the purchasing work for your valuable customers, which is highly valued in the industry. Stockfiller can be used in telephone, tablet and computer with connected shops and restaurants throughout Sweden.

How it works

Co-delivery with
Leap Delivery

Stockfiller’s joint delivery service Leap Delivery is a win-win for all parties! Thanks to coordinated co-distribution, suppliers are given the opportunity to deliver smaller volumes at a lower cost, at the same time as stores receive fewer receptions and the climate impact is reduced as transport is reduced. The service handles all temperature zones, (chilled, frozen, colonial) with deliveries throughout the country and can be combined with both warehousing or a clean so-called crossdock flow. Contact us for more information on how you can reduce your logistics costs and increase service to your customers.

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“We started working with Stockfiller as early as 2019 and have since managed to digitize over tens of thousands of orders. This has resulted in our sales force now having the opportunity to focus on sales and new customer processing instead of all the manual work that needed to be done previously. More time left over, more efficient processes and an improved calculation of our direct flow. Thank you Stockfiller! ”

Andreas ClaessonVD Gastro Import

“Our focus is to create profitable and sustainable businesses with simplicity for our customers. Stock filler creates simplicity when ordering and gives the customer a good overview of both delivery and analysis. This means that we can focus even more on service and presence in the store ”.

Carina StenströmFörsäljningschef Paul och Thom