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Reach thousands of buyers and have full control over your orders.

As a supplier in Stockfiller, you will be available to thousands of buyers throughout the country. With an efficient and easy-to-use service for order management, you save time, get better control and reduce errors.

Streamline your sales

With Stockfiller, you do not have to spend valuable time taking up standard orders from your customers, but can instead spend time implementing targeted sales efforts and customer care. Make sure your customers have the right products inside and not just the standard range – With Stockfiller you always have full control!

Access to thousands of buyers

Stockfiller’s store network consists of thousands of stores, restaurants, kiosks and other purchasing units that place their orders in the system on a daily basis. Join Stockfiller and create sustainable and cost-effective business with new customers. Thanks to Stockfiller, you will free up time and have no worries about welcoming new customers.

Buyer Insights

With Stockfiller’s powerful analysis tool, you get full control of your sales in real time! Break down your sales data so that it suits you. Which customers buy what, when and how much? Where should the next sales effort be directed and which customers are you losing? Buyer Insights is the answer!


We care that it will be easy for you to get started with Stockfiller. Therefore, we offer integrations to your business system so that the orders arrive directly, ready to be invoiced with one click. We have helped many of our customers with integrations, do we lack integration to your business system? Do not worry – we do this together!

Co-delivery with
Leap Delivery

Stockfiller’s joint delivery service Leap Delivery is a win-win for all parties! Thanks to coordinated co-distribution, suppliers are given the opportunity to deliver smaller volumes at a lower cost, at the same time as stores receive fewer receptions and the climate impact is reduced as transport is reduced. The service handles all temperature zones, (chilled, frozen, colonial) with deliveries throughout the country and can be combined with both warehousing or a clean so-called crossdock flow. Contact us for more information on how you can reduce your logistics costs and increase service to your customers.

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Stockfiller for suppliers

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For suppliers who want to save time and find more customers

  • Access to all buyers
  • Sales analysis
  • Order calendar
  • Sales order
  • Waste


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Per Month

For purchasing organizations or suppliers who want to streamline the entire flow.

  • See list of optional extensions below
  • Are you missing a feature? Tell us and we will find a solution together.
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Access to all buyers


All Stockfiller users will be able to see you and send requests to become a customer to you. You then handle the customer in our interface automatically.

Sales analysis


Get access to Stockfiller's powerful analysis tools to get full insight into your sales and how things are going for the business.



Donate your surplus to the needy via Stockfiller, in collaboration with Matmissionen.

Flash sales


With the Klipp service, you can sell lots of cards best-before or other surpluses and reach out to all connected buyers!

Order calendar


Get a clear overview of your upcoming and completed orders.

Sales order


Give your salespeople the opportunity to place orders for the store.

Flexible add-ons that suit you and your business

Stockfiller Listning

995 SEK/month

Become shoppable to all buyers within retail chains that accept free pricing

Barcode printer


A barcode printer that facilitates packing and distribution - to further streamline order processing.

Storage system

995 SEK/month

Use Stockfiller also in your warehouse and you have full control of the entire chain.

Co-delivery with Leap Delivery


Climate-smart and cost-effective co-distribution - this is what the industry has been waiting for!

Integration with your business system


Automate the administration of your transactions by integrating Stockfiller with your business system.

Invoice service

Coming soon

Tired of writing invoices? We understand. With Stockfiller's invoicing service, you can cancel the entire process.

Stockfiller is a very effective tool and has facilitated our work with order placement and deliveries to customers.

Kristin & DanielFounders - For Real Foods

Stockfiller creates simplicity when ordering and gives the customer a good overview of both delivery and analysis.

Carina StenströmSales Manager Paul och Thom

Do as more than 2000 satisfied suppliers

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What is Stockfiller?

Stockfiller is a digital trading place where grocery stores and restaurants meet and order goods from hundreds of suppliers that are not in the chains’ central warehouses. Through digital orders from several suppliers at the same time, time is saved while control and overview are improved.

What is Stockfiller co-distribution / Leap Delivery?

Leap Delivery is a complement to Stockfiller in the form of a co-packing solution where suppliers can get deliveries of all temperature zones throughout the country in a flexible and cost-effective way. This flow enables smaller delivery requirements and smoother handling for all parties. The principle is based on joint deliveries with several suppliers and fixed delivery days to stores. Better for the supplier, the buyer, the consumer and not least the environment!

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I have a colleague who needs login information, how do I do that?

To create an account, we ask you to email us at from a company email (Tex. We do this to ensure that accounts created have the right permissions.

Do you have no company email? Ask the responsible person to contact support on 08 128 211 30.

Are my customers on Stockfiller?

Most likely yes.

Stock fillers are already used by thousands of buyers, grocery stores, restaurants, kiosks and more. If your particular customer is not a user today, they can be free of charge.

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